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Personal and Financial Information collected will be used for IBS Network Business only. Financial Information will not be accessible to Employees or Owners of IBS Network  does not retain Financial Information unless instructed by you.

          IBS Network does not sell personal information to Marketing Companies or other Businesses. Any Information shall be used for internal use only.


WHEREAS Client wishes to outsource technical services and WHEREAS 
IBS Network wishes to provide such service.


  1. Obligations of IBS Network

    IBS Network shall provide Client with the Hosting service chosen and paid for.
  2. Obligations of Client

    2.1 Client shall utilize sufficient protection necessary for security of data input and output, including the establishment of external means for the recovery of missing data. 

    2.2 Client shall not put any illegal, indecent, racist, and/or sexist materials deemed by IBS Network as inappropriate on their Web Site.

    2.3 Client acknowledges that, pursuant to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, there are no facilities provided by the Web Site for sending or receiving private or confidential communication. All messages are deemed to be readily accessible to the general public.
  3. Fees and Payment

    3.1 Client must provide IBS Network with accurate and complete billing information including legal name, address, telephone number, email address, and credit card/billing information, and report to IBS Network all changes to this information within thirty (30) days of the change.  

    3.2 All payments correspond to the service plan chosen by the client is due at the time that the client signs up for the service either by phone, fax, online signup form, email or any other means. 

    3.3 It is the client's responsibility to make sure that the payment arrives before the service starts and IBS Network reserves the right to hold off any kind of work related to the service which the client has signed up for prior to the receipt of full payment from the client. 

    3.4 All fees are guaranteed to be good for the first year of the sign up unless otherwise stated. IBS Network reserves the right to adjust the fees to the market charge after the first year of the sign up.

    3.5 This agreement will automatically renew for identical successive periods unless canceled in writing or modified by client prior to the renewal date. Client will receive an invoice via email, fax and/or phone for charges. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

    3.6 All orders are subject to acceptance by IBS Network. An order will be deemed accepted by IBS Network when confirmation of the order is sent to customer. IBS Network reserve the right to refuse to accept any order, or delay acceptance awaiting completion of conditions IBS Network may choose to exercise. IBS Network agrees to provide customer with reasonable notice by email of any intent to delay or decline the acceptance of any order.

    3.7 IBS Network reserves the right to suspend or cancel the customer's account and services without notice on delinquent accounts or should there be any problem(s) with the customer's method of payment. This includes expired credit cards, declined credit cards, inactive credit cards, invalid checks and late payments. IBS Network may bill an additional charge of $25 to reinstate a suspended account.
  4. Refund Policy

    4.1 Web hosting fee is fully refundable if cancellation request is made within 30 days of opening the account. After 30 days, refund is prorated with calculation based on the regular monthly fee.

    4.2 Setup fee is non-refundable. 
  5. Anti-Spamming Policy

5.1 IBS Network strictly prohibits abusive usage of our service for email spamming.

5.2 IBS Network has a zero-tolerance level for any kind of email spamming through our service.  A warning email will be sent to the client when IBS Network receives the first email spamming complaint.  If IBS Network receives any additional email spamming complaints of the same client 24 hours after the sending of the warning email, IBS Network will bring down client's web site immediately.  Client will bear all the consequences of the web site cancellation due to the action of email spamming.

5.3 Client shall notify IBS Network with any change of account information including but not limited to address, telephone number, fax number and email address.  IBS Network will not be responsible for any consequences of its action upon client's account due to client's failure to provide IBS Network with updated account information.

  1. No-Porn Policy

6.1 Pornography web sites are strictly prohibited in our web hosting services.

6.2 Client's web sites should not contain any pictures with human genital organs or female breasts exposed or sexually explicit content which includes but not limited to erotic pictures or wordings that depicts
sexual intercourse, induces thoughts of sexual abuse, child abuse, teen sex or promotes prostitution.

6.3 IBS Network has the final words on defining No-Porn and Porn site.  IBS Network has the right to bring down client's site if the site is defined as a Porn site, and no refund shall be given with such a cancellation.

  1. Authorization. This Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby have been duly authorized by all necessary actions on the behalf of the parties, and this Agreement is legal, valid, and binding as to the respective obligations of the parties.
  2. Non-Assignable. This Agreement and the rights and obligations hereunder may not be transferred, sub-licensed or assigned by either party unless agreed upon by both parties.
  3. Status of the Parties. Nothing in this Agreement or in the understanding of the parties construes upon the parties, the status of partners, or joint ventures.

IBS Network may amend this agreement as needed. Your continued use of our services following each updated posting shall be deemed to be your acceptance of any such modifications. It is your responsibility to monitor the Terms and Policies page regularly to determine whether any modifications have been made. 

We suggest you print a copy of our Terms and Policies for your record.