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Terms & Conditions

What is your return policy? 

Unopened items can be returned for a full refund if they are returned to us within 7 days of delivery plus 5% Fee. You must pay for the returned shipping and handling charges. Sorry, opened items can not be returned. All Sale Final only Exchanged in 7 Days

If you receive a damaged or defective item, please notify us immediately to Store manager Tel. 281-443-9543 or email 
sale@ibsnetwork . Damaged/defective items must be returned to us. We will replace the item and send to you after we receive the returned product. 

Items which not consider as damaged or defective item. 

- Item does not clearly show a video or audio defect. 
- Item which is unable to play due to incompatible device. 

Lost orders (30 days shipping guarantee) 

You can directly email or send 'contact form' to us regarding to lost orders. This is in case that the parcel may have been lost in transit ( or takes longer than 30 days since you place order ). We can track your order with registration number. Lost orders will be reshipped only once. 

Undeliverable shipment 

Usually the parcel will be shipped back to our office if it cannot be delivered. We will contact you via provided email and resend the parcel only once without any charge. 

All customers are welcome to email IBS Network Network  sale@IBSnetwork.net 
regarding to orders. We will reply back to you within 24 hours