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Network Services - DSLink 
(Starts at ~$750 for complete setup & installation.  Please call for details.)

DSLink is a machine configured to serve as a gateway for
our customers who has a DSL link installed in their office and would like to network their internal computers to be able to get connected to the Internet. In other words, we help to connect everyone's computer to this 'gateway' so they can all connect to the Internet through the same DSL line. DSLink is this 'gateway'. 

What is included in this package/service?
  1. Installation of the an OS (Operating System). Right now, we use
    Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012
  2. Installation of all IP masquerade
  3. Installation of Apache Server
  4. Installation of FrontPage extension
  5. Installation of DNS server with Domain Controller
  6. Installation of Active Directory User and Computer 
  7. Installation of FTP server
  8. Installation of E-mail server
Domain Redirecting $25/year

Redirect one domain to point to another site so that people typing either one of the domain will go to the same web site